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  1. Your salary doesn’t determine how good of a person or even how good of a worker you are.
  2. The hardest things to say usually need to be said the most.
  3. You’re still weak if you only have one strength that you flaunt vigorously.
  4. Find someone with whom you can laugh about anything, everything afterward will be fine.
  5. No one will grant your wishes, find a way to make them happen.
  6. Save some time to be lazy, it’s good for you.
  7. Slow is the new fast, and awesome.
  8. Big corporations will steal your soul. Fact.
  9. Thinking too much about a problem will not make it any easier to solve.
  10. "Hello," is the most powerful word against loneliness.
  11. You can’t get rid of your fears. Learn to live with them.
  12. Guilt is a useless emotion.
  13. People who always tell the truth no matter what are assholes. Sometimes you just need to tell someone what they want to hear. End of story.
  14. Challenge yourself a little bit every day.
  15. Fun is a relative concept.
  16. It’s okay to change your mind about people and things in your life. Sometimes, it’s part of making sense of it all.
  17. Unless you’re an arrogant bastard, always be yourself.
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