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New setup finally got to my house :D Can’t wait to go home to the shit on Monday!<3

Oh wait, I won’t be riding for a while thanks to Frankenknee:(

Where I met Renato. It was so humid that morning that the condensation on the lens made the image a bit foggy

I always post about my mom, but never really about my Daddyo. He’s the best man in the world and I love him<3

That moment when I love posting pictures of my friends because they should be models:) I haven&#8217;t seen Dominic(Right) and Guillaume(Left) since July and I&#8217;m finally seeing them in t-3 weeks and then again a week later when we all reunite with Ren and Zac in Tremblant!&lt;3
For my Madre. I&#8217;m always gonna be Mommy&#8217;s leoncita. All I want for Christmas is for her to be okay. Like positively okay with answers and certainty about the future. I can&#8217;t even imagine a future without her and the last few months have been a scary cluster in my memory.
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