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Have you ever been with someone who was just awful? Like you don’t realize they’re awful until it’s Sunday morning and you’re laying in bed just running your fingers through their hair, and suddenly you prick your hand on their horns. And your friends try to look out for you, when they like your significant other they stay quiet, but when they really don’t approve they try to let you down gently and say, ‘you know, I don’t think this person is so great for you.’ And then you realize this person is just so bad, so terrible that you begin to think you’re doing something wrong. In your head even you’re thinking, ‘They can’t be this bad, I must be taking them the wrong way or something, no one can be this God awful.” Anyway, after some time when those ever faithful friends of yours really can’t bare to see you with this person anymore they’ll give you a serious warning. Let’s say your relationship is a building, and this building is on fire. You’re friend will say, “Look, that building is on fire.” To which you will reply, “I’m gonna run into it.” And your friend, always looking out, will tell you, “But then you’re gonna die.” And with a big stupid smile on you’ll say, “But it’s warm.”

I was buried like a treasure, but no one ever came to mark the spot, so I got good at pleasure and started tyin’ tighter knots. Sad can’t catch me or call me Baby now, when it’s all I use to believe. If the sun don’t light and the night won’t turn, we’ll get a room at the end of the world. And we’ll rewrite all the wrongs we’ve learned, safe in our room at the end of the world.

  • PROMISE me we keep things as jokes and just fun. No emotions or anything because clearly long distance has been proven to not work lol and if I lived in ny id ask you out in a second but I hope you go out and meet new guys because you need to have actual fun and enjoy yourself.

  • Plus your beautiful and you deserve to find someone who will make you happy

  • Go to sleep

  • Okay

  • If I ever get a girl like you to fall for me I’ll be lucky as Hell

  • Night Dani

  • you could have any girl silly

  • good night

  • let me rephrase, any girl would be lucky to have you

  • Goodnight Bum :):)

  • Good night Dick :):)

    (a little later)

  • i think you’re secretly anti-sleep just like me

  • I think coming to visit you might not be a good thing because I donno if I would be able to leave :P

  • Okay see remember how I said I say to much when I’m tired. I am right now and should shut up. I call it the drunk sleep deprived effect

  • I act like I’m drunk I just talk and talk and jdkdijsve

  • hahaha i’m okay with it

  • I’m going to fall asleep before I say other things that will just complicate everything and make it harder

  • make what harder?

  • things are all okay

  • Talking to you as a friend

  • I know they are

  • and they’ll continue to be, i promise

  • but your ass better still visit :P:P

  • I’ll see and I know they will continue to be okay. That wasn’t the issue.

  • I know

  • I wish they could be more then okay.

  • But I enjoy being your friend anyways so it’s okay :)

  • there should be a law against having emotions before you’re 25 when your life is so random and messed up

  • right now that can’t be

  • I agree

  • and i enjoy being yours too :)

  • and flirting with you

  • and if you ever visit new york city to see central park and everything else i’ll happen to enjoy your company :)
  • :):)

  • Okay I’m going to bed on one last comment I was holding back

  • no! holding back isn’t fair

  • what if i die tomorrow?!

  • don’t you want me to know?

  • or worse, what if god forbid you die? i’ll always wonder then
  • Lol okay what I meant was I will say it as my last thing

  • ohh okay

  • And I wasnt going to even after I said that and thought about how crazyily stupid this comment sounds but w.e I will

  • just spit it out

  • No comments after like you will or any of that crap k

  • no promises…

  • All your allowed to say is goodnight

  • why

  • but what if it gets me thinking then i have more to say

  • or what if i’m already thinking it

  • can i say it then?

  • No
  • If I ever get the chance to fall for a girl like you I know I will have no problem because I think I could given the right time and better situation fall completely in love with you. You are an amazing girl who is funny and smart and beautiful. And nope I just want you to say Goodnight because that’s allll I’m going to say now. Goodnight Danielle, your an amazing girl don’t ever forget that.

  • Good night

  • <3e


  • e<3
For my Madre. I&#8217;m always gonna be Mommy&#8217;s leoncita. All I want for Christmas is for her to be okay. Like positively okay with answers and certainty about the future. I can&#8217;t even imagine a future without her and the last few months have been a scary cluster in my memory.
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