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I have to learn that I can’t have all that I once did, because I kept reaching for security that you couldn’t afford to give. And it hurts so much to misunderstand, and I’m always misunderstood. But I’ll never forget my memories, even though I should.

Forever one of my favorite pictures.

I was buried like a treasure, but no one ever came to mark the spot, so I got good at pleasure and started tyin’ tighter knots. Sad can’t catch me or call me Baby now, when it’s all I use to believe. If the sun don’t light and the night won’t turn, we’ll get a room at the end of the world. And we’ll rewrite all the wrongs we’ve learned, safe in our room at the end of the world.

This was all done in Sharpie then clear-coated. Mind blown.
Opaque  by  andbamnan
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