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Have you ever been with someone who was just awful? Like you don’t realize they’re awful until it’s Sunday morning and you’re laying in bed just running your fingers through their hair, and suddenly you prick your hand on their horns. And your friends try to look out for you, when they like your significant other they stay quiet, but when they really don’t approve they try to let you down gently and say, ‘you know, I don’t think this person is so great for you.’ And then you realize this person is just so bad, so terrible that you begin to think you’re doing something wrong. In your head even you’re thinking, ‘They can’t be this bad, I must be taking them the wrong way or something, no one can be this God awful.” Anyway, after some time when those ever faithful friends of yours really can’t bare to see you with this person anymore they’ll give you a serious warning. Let’s say your relationship is a building, and this building is on fire. You’re friend will say, “Look, that building is on fire.” To which you will reply, “I’m gonna run into it.” And your friend, always looking out, will tell you, “But then you’re gonna die.” And with a big stupid smile on you’ll say, “But it’s warm.”

For my Madre. I’m always gonna be Mommy’s leoncita. All I want for Christmas is for her to be okay. Like positively okay with answers and certainty about the future. I can’t even imagine a future without her and the last few months have been a scary cluster in my memory.
Such great moments
One of the most amazing people I ever had the privilege of meeting and one of my greatest heroes. Rest easy, Andy Irons.
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