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I have too many friends who would agree with me on this one
  • PROMISE me we keep things as jokes and just fun. No emotions or anything because clearly long distance has been proven to not work lol and if I lived in ny id ask you out in a second but I hope you go out and meet new guys because you need to have actual fun and enjoy yourself.

  • Plus your beautiful and you deserve to find someone who will make you happy

  • Go to sleep

  • Okay

  • If I ever get a girl like you to fall for me I’ll be lucky as Hell

  • Night Dani

  • you could have any girl silly

  • good night

  • let me rephrase, any girl would be lucky to have you

  • Goodnight Bum :):)

  • Good night Dick :):)

    (a little later)

  • i think you’re secretly anti-sleep just like me

  • I think coming to visit you might not be a good thing because I donno if I would be able to leave :P

  • Okay see remember how I said I say to much when I’m tired. I am right now and should shut up. I call it the drunk sleep deprived effect

  • I act like I’m drunk I just talk and talk and jdkdijsve

  • hahaha i’m okay with it

  • I’m going to fall asleep before I say other things that will just complicate everything and make it harder

  • make what harder?

  • things are all okay

  • Talking to you as a friend

  • I know they are

  • and they’ll continue to be, i promise

  • but your ass better still visit :P:P

  • I’ll see and I know they will continue to be okay. That wasn’t the issue.

  • I know

  • I wish they could be more then okay.

  • But I enjoy being your friend anyways so it’s okay :)

  • there should be a law against having emotions before you’re 25 when your life is so random and messed up

  • right now that can’t be

  • I agree

  • and i enjoy being yours too :)

  • and flirting with you

  • and if you ever visit new york city to see central park and everything else i’ll happen to enjoy your company :)
  • :):)

  • Okay I’m going to bed on one last comment I was holding back

  • no! holding back isn’t fair

  • what if i die tomorrow?!

  • don’t you want me to know?

  • or worse, what if god forbid you die? i’ll always wonder then
  • Lol okay what I meant was I will say it as my last thing

  • ohh okay

  • And I wasnt going to even after I said that and thought about how crazyily stupid this comment sounds but w.e I will

  • just spit it out

  • No comments after like you will or any of that crap k

  • no promises…

  • All your allowed to say is goodnight

  • why

  • but what if it gets me thinking then i have more to say

  • or what if i’m already thinking it

  • can i say it then?

  • No
  • If I ever get the chance to fall for a girl like you I know I will have no problem because I think I could given the right time and better situation fall completely in love with you. You are an amazing girl who is funny and smart and beautiful. And nope I just want you to say Goodnight because that’s allll I’m going to say now. Goodnight Danielle, your an amazing girl don’t ever forget that.

  • Good night

  • <3e


  • e<3
Add the boy on the left to the list of people I know who could/should model and the list of things I want ;)
That awesome moment where this is my friend Hagan and I have a date with him this week! #excitedlikealittlekid
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