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On my page nowadays with links to Von Zipper, my all time favorite goggles/shades company. Click on it and sign up, then you can forget about it or use it to get your own reward points for free shit or whatever you really feel like, but you’ll be helping me out big time. Thanks guys:) If anyone needs anything similar, let me know!

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"I think out of all the tattoos I have, and all the ones I ever may get, I like my natural ones the most. My scars, they show everyone my story in a way I never could figure out how to put into words. They’re all attached to a memory, good or bad, that can’t be erased. I like showing my scars even, they show that I’m a survivor."

Frank Errickson

OhmyGod I’m going to Paris May 27th for three weeks to do independent study with the Textiles and Surface Design program! djksdghfbdjksf I haven’t been so excited in forever! It’s been 5 years since my last trip to France! But this bitch is going back:D

Opaque  by  andbamnan
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